Thickening the Plot

Well with little else to do lately I have been doing a lot of work.

I have a fabulous scene written that romps through as an allegory of the reality at the coal face of politics.

Don’t think this will be too much of a spoiler without the context.

Imagine an activist developing an ongoing dialogue with a charming, but ruthlessly ambitious politician. There is a kind of chemistry there, as well as an ongoing duel. They have a similar sense of humour and are on diametrically opposite sides.

She goes to mind her friend’s house nearer to his part of the country, and, out of the blue he turns up on the doorstep on her last afternoon.

Dot . Dot . Dot

…she even wonders aloud how on earth something could be so thoroughly wrong and yet feel, smell and taste so perfectly right.

The chapter closes with her driving home in a state of euphoria, longing to see him again, but also intending to bag and freeze his DNA in case it might be useful in future…

…after all, waste not, want not. :o)


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