About “The Consultation”

I took the old blog down…nobody noticed…I don’t think anybody really read it any more except Radical Feminist twitter warriors in dire need of relief from constipation, fake “survivors of purrostitution” trawling for little touches of authenticity to add to their carefully crafted identities…oh and self styled public figures reassuring themselves that I hadn’t “shared” anything their careers could not survive lately.

I don’t blame everybody else…it was all so deadly earnest and as boring as f*ck…nothing like me at all really, in fact, don’t tell anyone, but I didn’t read it very often myself.

ANYWAY…dunno about you, but I could use a little fun…and the thing is, apart from triple compounded PTSD, persistent cellulitis and a bad habit on ersatz Southern Comfort, the Irish Purrostitution Consultation has accidentally rammed my nose into all the research I could ever possibly need to write the novel I never thought I would be able to write.

It will be fiction, just like “Borgen” *nodding vigourously*…honest…cross my heart…

But in case you still have concerns, here is a helpful little link to alleviate them.

(I wanted to offer a cheaper alternative in the form of a simple, paypal “click to donate button”, but apparently there are some silly legal issues involving nasty, unkind, and unnecessary words like “blackmail” if I do that.  )


…and there will be dancing, LOTS of dancing…

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