Open Letter to Jody Williams

On Tue, Jun 16, 2015 at 5:17 PM, Gaye D  wrote:

You are the person who told me, in the past few hours, that if I play along with you you will pretend to believe me, and if I don’t you will pretend to believe Moran (I don’t think you have a real opinion either way, and couldn’t care less except it suits you to use it)

Sincere, responsible adults never, EVER try to force people to play along with them that way, you go right ahead and do whatever you like, an apology from you would discredit Moran more than anything else I can think of…it’ll be interesting to see how you explain the accusations you sought me out (and anyone else who would listen) to make about her…(which always seemed pretty hokey to me…just because she is a fraud doesn’t make her automatically guilty of every fraud ever committed)

Kamy is a grown woman who does not want anything to do with you, so why are you trying every trick in the book to force yourself on her against her will? If you had anything to offer, which you don’t, accepting that offer would mean living under your thumb indefinitely with you threatening to withdraw everything unless she played alone with whatever you wanted, 24/7. You have proved that yourself. Why in the WORLD would anyone want a miserable existence on those terms?

Particularly as you have nothing to offer, just a lot of empty promises to preserve your delusions of self importance.

I told you WEEKS ago to stop pestering me with your nonsense and you have continued to deluge me with unwanted email bilge.

You need to ask yourself why you life’s work consists in trying force yourself on people who cannot stand you.

Now piss off and stop pestering me.

I am blocking your email because I have wasted enough time on your nonsense.

From: Jody Williams 
Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2015 6:23 PM
To: Gaye D
Subject: Re: last consideration

Gaye – I never said any thing like you’re claiming I said. I don’t even know where you’re getting the idea I said anything about “playing along with me” or “pretending to believe you”.

Gaye – I believed you when you told me that Rachel Moran stole your story. You gave me some “evidence” and you told me what happened. I then went to Rachel and noted she was acting yes very strange. So I believed you. Based upon believing you – I attacked that woman horribly. I chased her right out of NY when she came to speak to the UN about “all prostitution is rape”. I wrote the UN members and made a laughing stock of her. The press said they laughed at her and she went back home with her tail between her legs.

When she tried to do book launches of the book – I was all over it telling people she had ripped off your story. So much all over her that she finally had to “rewrite” and “release” the book again so that I can’t definitely make that claim any longer. Yes you said the story wasn’t yours. However, every time I was making public attacks upon her – I didn’t see you, nor Maxine, nor Tara, or any of those other women there. When she was making appearances to promote the book – I would contact the organizers. I would send along your information and tell them that if they were going to raise money it would be fraudulently so as the story was not hers. Each time I did things like this on your behalf – I did not see any of these other women there.

Which is why I don’t understand why you’ve been so unwilling to consider that maybe, just maybe, I’m being lied about to you and others. It doesn’t make sense to me how you could be the victim of a smear campaign yourself and not consider that I am also. I say that because Rachel has also told people that you were “lying” and “crazy” and “making it up” – just the same as I’m being smeared now that the shoe is on my foot.

Again, the ONLY things I’ve asked you to do is to (1) stop calling me names, (2) recognize that I’m a sex worker also and as part of this community, and as part of someone who has been fighting for us for 30 years now, that I’m on your side and not the enemy whatever wrong you may think I did or however you might not agree with me – to recognize I’m on our side here (3) to step apart from your feelings and look at this objectively.

Objectively is that I offered this woman everything she said she needed. These women stepped in and took her away from that same help – and then a month later she still does not have these things. The case for the fund raiser has not been given to her yet. She still does not have a job. She still has a case pending that I could have gotten dismissed on legal grounds I don’t see the attorney they provided her with using.

On May 25th I stepped in to re-offer her these things. Despite all of the attacks upon me and our group – I REOFFERED to step in to help her when I saw she still had the case pending, still didn’t have a job, etc.

In exchange for that offer – you women then went and conspired how to find out where I lived, and how to harm me any way you could.

When I came back to you to talk to you about maybe you could reason with them – you continued to refuse to look at any evidence I had, and you continued to refuse to even investigate whether or not you were being lied to.

Have you checked the court calendar yet for this case of her’s that’s pending supposedly? If I’m wrong that you’re not even considering they might be lying to you to manipulate you into attacking me – have you checked the court calendar? Because I don’t see her having a case pending Gaye. Not a prostitution one anyway.

In light of this whole thing I realized that I did not “double check” the affidavits you provided me with. I did not reach out to speak to those people to see if it had been forged. I just took you word for it and responded according to protect one of our own. You showed me that I did that for someone who does not seem to be in touch with reality now that I’m getting to know you better. Either that or you’re lying.

You’re either lying or you have no grasp on reality. If either one is the case – then I made a mistake in attacking Rachel without double checking the information you gave me better. For that – I apologized to her. You saw a copy of that apology I have issued her now.

Even Rachel herself did not treat me the way you have over this whole “8 Minutes” issue. Even now you’re acting like I wanted you to “go along” with some kind of plot or agenda when that is not anything I said or asked for.

Again, you’re either lying or you’re not in touch with reality. I have not verified your story. Yet I believed it.

I however have news clippings up online about my past in sex work. I have a story in our book about my past as sex worker. For 30 years I’ve run a group where our members know that I used to be a sex worker. Yet because someone “told” you that I never sold sex you believe them over even the news clippings I have up online about my past in the sex industry? I’ve got two arrests on my record for prostitution – but now I’m not even a sex worker because someone said so to you?

Again, either you’re completely out of touch with reality if you’d believe what someone said over black and white evidence and even common sense, or you’re lying.

Either way I was wrong to jump all over Rachel on your behalf that I did. I’ve apologized to her for that.

You take care Gaye – I’m done speaking to you. I had thought we were friends. Friends however don’t treat me the way you’ve been treating me. I gave you time to calm down. I tried reasoning with you. I tried providing you with proof in my defense. I’ve tried everything I can think of to convince you that I am your friend and therefore do not deserve the way you’ve been treating me. Nothing has worked.

Friendship over. I’m now blocking all future emails from you. You’re not a member of SWA and as a personal friend of mine I can just block you from speaking to me again without it being that I’m blocking you from SWA because you’re not even a member. So take care of yourself. Thank you for a very important lesson you gave me. I try and teach the members of our program, especially those who have had pimps in the past, to stop being friends with people who aren’t friends of yours back. The only way to teach is by example. You clearly are not my friend. So take care of yourself. I’m done.


  1. *You* came to *me* with Jacqueline Homan and some cock and bull story about Moran posing as a foreign national to con money out of you with “evidence” even an Eircom technician I know couldn’t make any sense of that was supposed to prove this.
  2. I never showed you any evidence or told you any story about Moran, you dug these things up for yourself
  3. I have never claimed Moran “stole my story” I only wish she had then she would be telling the truth instead of a load of lies and that truth would do a lot less harm. Moran’s character (long before publication) seems to have originally been based on a very poor and bigoted grasp of my own background that went out the window early when it became apparent that I am not that stereotype. Some aspects were cherrypicked from my own memoir for background out of context, just as they have been in the past
  4. My only objective problem with Moran is that she was created, encouraged and funded specifically to distort the biggest piece of evidence we have against abolition, which is the beneficial effect of 10 years of full decriminalization between 1983 and 1993 in support of an agenda called “Turn Off the Red Light” that is prepared to deliberately endanger and disempower Irish sex workers in order to be able to exploit them for gain.
  5. You do not have the power or influence to chase anyone out of a paper bag, let alone NYC. This is just grandiose ideation on your part.
  6. Moran has never been “chased out of NYC” nor “laughed at by the UN” and nobody in the press has said anything to you about anything in a very long time.
  7. Moran’s book has never been significantly rewritten for re-release. (There may be some minor alterations to language for a US specific version)
  8. You have never “acted on my behalf” in any matter. I always act on my own behalf and never allow anyone else to act for me under any circumstances. As a result, my life has been deliberately placed in constant danger by the government in Northern Ireland for the past year in retaliation for placing the truth of Rachel Moran and other issues on oath, with a view to discouraging any other sex workers from challenging any of the lies on which they intended to base legislation.
  9. Moran is a very minor issue to me. My concern is with the whole corrupt abolitionist lobby, particularly here in Ireland.
  10. Nobody had to me anything about you. My opinion of you is based entirely on my direct observations of you chosen behaviours
  11. As long as you insist on harassing me by email against my expressed wishes you have no input into how I should respond.
  12. You do not really have any of the resources you offered Kamy (if you do, PROVE IT) which would have placed her in greater danger than at present
  13. Anyone who accepts anything from you pays very dearly for it in terms of having to submit to your egomania and bullying to keep it. That is an existence too miserable to contemplate.
  14. You have been consistently trying to blackmail Kamy into playing along with you by threatening her immigration status and the custody of her children right out in the open
  15. You previously tried to blackmail Norma Jean in a similar way
  16. The only thing I am prepared recognize you as is a Narcissistic predator we would all be better off without.
  17. The only reason anyone is looking for your address is to facilitate a lawful complaint to the Police
  18. The sworn deposition I placed online had already been submitted (as original not copy) to both Justice Ministers and Justice Committees North and South of Ireland and publicly acknowledged as a valid legal document

…..and I keep ALL my emails etc and can prove pretty much all of the above…


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